Disgaea®4: A Promise Revisited

Rearing System

Make Your Own Unique Units with the Character Creation System!

Warriors, clerics, wizards, monsters... These are just a few of the different units you can create through the character creation system! Depending on how you create them, and how you train them, you may be able to create the ultimate unit!

Use the "Cam-Pain HQ" to Run Your Cam-pain More Efficiently!

There is a Cam-Pain HQ in your base. From there, you can power up units, and place evil symbols all over Hades! Make sure you place them wisely in order to run your Cam-pain better.

Evil Symbols affect the units placed on them during battle!

It's Back Again! The Assembly System!

By passing bills in the assembly, you can do things like improve the shops, create new job classes, and much, much more. Use the assembly to your full advantage!

You can bribe or fight Senators to get your bill passed.

NEWThe System with Unlimited Possibilities, the Item World!

Weapons, equipment, and items all have their own Item World! Go deep into the worlds with your items to boost them immensely! If you want to make your items stronger, travel to the Item World!

NEWCreate the Ultimate Character with the Chara World!

Just like your items, there is a world inside each of your characters. By entering the Chara World, you can enhance your characters in ways that isn't possible through normal leveling up! If you want to take your characters to the next level, go to the Chara World!