Disgaea®4: A Promise Revisited

Basic Systems

The Basics of Battle...Team Attacks!

Battles take place on gridded maps, SRPG style. You will move your characters and perform actions in order to defeat enemies. When attacking enemies, if you have ally units around you, you may be able to perform powerful team attacks! Use team attacks to your advantage to defeat enemies!

A Unique System, Lift & Throw!

Those who are familiar with the Disgaea series should also be familiar with the Lift & Throw System. It's just like it sounds, you can lift your allies or enemies, and throw them. You can throw them to safety, or throw them into peril. It's also capable of unexpected things, and by using this to your advantage, it adds a completely new dimension to battle!

Over 400 Different Skills!

What spices up battles are the different skills the characters can use! There are character specific skills, weapon skills, and spells! And, they all have their own unique animations! Not to mention, they are very strong. Try out the different skills and find your favorite!

Geo Effects Completely Alter the Battlefield!

Some battle maps have colorful blocks and panels. Together, they create Geo Effects, which affect every unit on the map. Play around with them to figure out how to use them to your advantage!