Disgaea®4: A Promise Revisited


Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited is the revamped PlayStation®Vita version of the PlayStation®3 game, Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten, which was released on September 6, 2011!

Additional Content 1: The Flashback Episode

This story takes place when Valvatorez was a legendary Vampire! Discover the true power of Valvatorez, and why Fenrich is the way he is.

Lord and steward now...but they were enemies in the past!?

Additional Content 2: The Fuka & Desco Show

This is the story of what happens to Fuka and Desco after the main story. Fuka believes that Hades is all just part of her dream... She decides to reincarnate to get out of Hades, causing quite a commotion along the way!

The main antagonist of this story is Prinny Instructor Valvatorez!?

Additional Characters 1: Unique Characters

Many past Disgaea characters make an appearance, but that's not all! Characters from many other titles are here, too! Recruit more members for the Hades Party, and change the Netherworld for the better!

In case you were wondering, these characters can be used in battle!

List of Unique Characters ■ Disgaea Series Adell, Rozalin, Mao, Kyoko, Asuka, Flonne, Pleinair, Krichevskoy, Main Hero B, Pink, Prism Red, Hugo, Nemo, Des X ■ Phantom Brave Ash, Marona ■ Makai Kingdom Pram, Petta ■ La Pucelle Overlord Priere ■ Soul Nomad Gig ■ ZHP Pirohiko Ichimonji ■ Other Asagi, Nisa That's a total of 23 characters!

Additional Characters 2: Creatable Characters

Not only do you get unique characters, but you also get new creatable classes! Take note of the characters designed by Noizi Ito and Kohaku Kuroboshi!

Expand your party with these new characters!

Additional Creatable Characters ■ Medic Artist: Noizi Ito ■ Necromancer Artist: Kohaku Kuroboshi ■ Kunoichi ■ Celestial Host ■ Death Saber ■ Prism Ranger That's a total of 6 Creatable Characters!

Additional System: The Netherbattle Tournament

The Netherbattle Tournament is a fighting tournament that's being held by a mysterious person. Fight in consecutive battles to see who's number one! Fight against powerful enemies, one after another! There will be laughter, tears, and a whole lot of other things, so fight on!

Additional Battle: Tyrant Overlord Baal

The Tyrant Overlord Baal DLC has not been forgotten! His power, his looks, his moves...everything about him is absolutely insane! Train hard and defeat him with your best units!

All the Songs Are Here, Too!

Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten featured over 50 songs unique to the DLC, and guess what, this game will have those song, as well! You can listen to the theme songs from different titles, as well as mixed versions of those songs!

And Much, Much More!

There is even more DLC than what is mentioned above! Base world and battle maps, ship parts for even more customization, events that happen in between other events... The list goes on and on and on!